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WPIC Marketing + Technologies is thrilled to announce the opening of a brand new, state-of-the-art logistics facility in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.

In what is the second add-on to an existing facility so far this year, 65,000 sq.ft. of new warehousing and logistics space will be coming online shortly to help support client needs in the B2C space with B2B inventory support on the horizon. This new expansion will serve to further integrate existing inventory and logistics systems for global brands operating in APAC, while centrally servicing all of Asia’s main online and offline marketplaces.

With e-commerce retail perennially breaking sales records, and the expectation that brick and mortar retail will rebound modestly as it comes back online in 2021, it is becoming more important than ever to integrate logistics and optimize inventory management by using a single-source for both online and offline retail. WPIC’s newly expanded facility is yet another step to that end, serving all of China and the broader APAC region at large.Senior leadership credits WPIC’s advanced inventory management technology, in addition to Asia’s well-developed logistics networks, with allowing this new facility to become a keystone of the company’s service offering for its clients.

CEO Jacob Cooke said in a video interview that the company would be able to provide brands with real-time information regarding restocking, replenishment, what’s moving and where it’s going- effectively providing complete OMS and WMS services for any company operating in APAC.





The new expansion will also support WPIC’s capacity to act as a merchant of record and importer of record for its clients. Once products are entered into the system and housed inside the climate-controlled facility (monitored by 24-hour security and full-time on-premise team), the WPIC team in Nanjing handles the rest. That includes 3C labeling (consolidation, capture, control), import documentation and category-specific labeling.Best of all, the facility will have the capacity to complete labeling for every different market in the region. Whether the final destination is China, Korea, Japan or another APAC country, clients need never worry about pre-packaging or labeling.

It is a landmark moment for a company that has carefully and effectively navigated the unprecedented upheaval resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. The new warehouse facility, coupled with the highly successful China Accelerator Program and 18 months of expansion and growth is a moment of reflection and inflection for the company. But after some well-deserved acknowledgement and a ribbon-cutting celebration, it will be time to focus on the next milestone.

“I’m very proud of our team on the ground in Nanjing as well as our Vancouver office. There has been a ton of work put into making this facility a reality, and our brand partners and their customers are the ones who will benefit the most from it,” said Joseph Cooke, President and Co-founder of WPIC. “The most exciting part about it is: this is only the beginning; we have many very exciting announcements coming in the next few months to further expand our capabilities and capacity.”