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China social commerce accelerator

Vancouver, BC – WPIC Marketing + Technologies, APAC’s leading e-commerce consultancy, has unveiled an all-new social commerce accelerator program, designed to provide organizations from around the world with rapid access to the Chinese market via new e-commerce channels on China’s leading social media platforms.

Global brands will be given the opportunity to launch on China’s most popular social platforms like WeChat and Douyin, taking advantage of massive user bases and cost-effective channels, thereby making the Chinese market more accessible than ever before.

“WPIC is thrilled to be unveiling a brand-new social commerce accelerator program that allows brands from around the world enter the Chinese market in a fast, accessible, and scalable way,” says Joseph Cooke, Co-founder and President of WPIC Marketing + Technologies.

“As a result of our talented e-commerce, creative and logistics teams coming together and building a vertically integrated and unified solution, we’re able to offer a comprehensive, fast-moving program that provides unprecedented access to the Chinese market to brands across a variety of sectors.”


New store requests must be submitted to platforms in advance of the Chinese New Year holidays, which sees many businesses slow down for several weeks.

In recent years, social commerce has emerged as one of the most effective solutions for brands to launch and grow in China, leveraging mobile applications that are hosted on the most popular social platforms in the country, some of which have upwards of one billion active users.

Joseph added: “WPIC is incredibly excited about the power of social commerce in China as a mechanism for brands of all shapes and sizes to go direct-to-consumer and connect with hundreds of millions of shoppers. Thanks to the investments we’ve made in logistics and warehousing solutions, as well as back-end retail analytics, WPIC is able to offer multiple points of sale in-market and unprecedented store transparency, all while maintaining single-source inventory.
WPIC has seen significant growth recently, with an organizational footprint that now spans a dozen locations, a headcount that has increased to more than 350 staff around the world, and an all-time client count that now exceeds 650.

In addition, the firm has substantially expanded its solution set, debuting new industry-leading technologies and services that help brands from around the world ride the wave of Asia’s consumer revolution.

Organizations interested in taking advantage of WPIC’s social commerce accelerator program are asked to email info@dev.wpic.co or get in touch with their business development representative directly.


About WPIC Marketing + Technologies:

WPIC Marketing + Technologies drives market expansion for global brands in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia through data, analytics, e-commerce solutions, logistics, compliance, essential support services, and more. With over 17 years of Western management and APAC operations in digital and IT sectors, WPIC has successfully deployed and grown over 650+ brands in Asia and has global reach across China, Japan, Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe.