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Arrow Electronics

We helped a leading distributor of electronic components develop a China e-commerce site with over 1M SKUs.

Arrow case study


Key Deliverables

The client

Arrow Electronics is an American company that specializes in electronic components and computer products.

The challenge

1,000,000+ SKUs worth over $8 billion from 500 different manufacturers are sold through Arrow’s Vertical e-commerce site.

The complexity, data flow and security considerations of the website required a comprehensive “define” phase and a significant on-boarding of diverse stakeholders. WPIC was approached to develop an e-commerce site on a massive scale, in line with its experience.

Verical required a stand-alone website that was fully compliant, localized, hosted in China and securely linked to their global network.

Our solutions

WPIC developed an easy to navigate site that allowed for quick product selection and payment, increasing conversion rates. Load times decreased to 6.0 seconds, an impressive speed in China, considering its lagging Internet infrastructure.

WPIC also defined, planned and built out digital architecture to ensure the seamless and uninterrupted flow of data between databases within China and through ‘The Great Firewall’. The hosting stack was set up, SSL certificates purchased and integrated, and an IPSEC VPN was installed and tested to minimize data loss through The Firewall.


Verical launched its ecommerce site with great success and quick traction. RFQs increased by 2.5 times through aggressive PPC campaigns, as well as a drastic drop in cost per RFC) and exceptionally high ROI.

A standalone ecommerce site is an effective way to capture and analyze data, control the unique brand experience, and own your incoming traffic.

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