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Infographic: Direct vs Distributor Approaches to APAC’s Markets

Infographic: Direct vs Distributor Approaches to APAC’s Markets

Have you ever wondered about the different ways to sell your products in APAC? Check out infographic below to get a bit of insight into why going direct to consumer may be best for an organization looking for success in the market. 👇 Interested in exploring different ways to grow your brand in Asia? Contact […]

5 China E-commerce Trends in 2022

Here are 5 trends that will define China’s e-commerce market in 2022! Want to dive deeper? Read this next: How China’s E-Commerce Landscape Will Change in 2022

South East Asia’s E-commerce Market

Did you know that South East Asia’s six major economies will produce $120 billion USD in e-commerce GMV this year? That’s a 62% increase from last year and by 2025, e-commerce GMV is expected to reach $234 billion USD. Interested in launching your brand in South East Asia’s e-commerce market? View WPIC’s Lazada solutions or […]

Alibaba’s 2021 Singles’ Day Numbers

The double 11 shopping festival is by far the biggest shopping event of the year. See below for Alibaba’s final numbers for 2021’s edition of 11/11 Singles’ Day. Total GMV reached $84.54 billion USD! Want to learn more about the world’s biggest shopping festival? WPIC is launching an all-new documentary series following the lead-up to […]

China’s cosmetics market

Did you know that China’s cosmetics market is worth $52 billion USD and is the world’s second-largest? Check out our infographic below for a view of one of the fastest-growing markets in China.

China’s Qixi Festival in 2021

Traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, known as Qixi Festival, falls on August 14th in 2021. It’s one of several days of romance celebrated every year in China – and an increasingly important shopping festival that brands should take note of. Check out our infographic below to learn what sells during China’s Qixi Festival. Up next: Key […]

Online retail trends in China

Did you know that social commerce sales in China grew by 30% in 2020? It now accounts for 11.6% of total e-commerce sales across the country! Check out our infographic below to learn more about online retail trends in China.   To learn about China’s hottest apps, view this infographic next.

China’s hottest mobile apps

Did you know that WeChat is one of the world’s largest apps? Or that Pinduoduo’s user base grew by a whopping 50% last year? Check out our infographic below to learn about the apps that Chinese consumers are using.   To learn about the differences between China’s two most popular e-commerce marketplaces (Tmall and JD.com), […]