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Beckman Coulter

We rescued and improved SEO in China’s digital space for a global leader in clinical diagnostic products.

Beckman Coulter case study


Key Deliverables

The client

Beckman Coulter is a subsidiary of Danaher that develops, manufactures, and markets biomedical testing instrument systems.

The challenge

SEO continues to play a dominant role in driving massive amounts of traffic in China. The most popular search engine in China, Baidu, is the first place to market your business.

WPIC was engaged to run rescue SEO and web kaizens for six of Danaher’s companies, including Beckman Coulter. WPIC reviewed the goals of Beckman Coulter and the structure of the China digital space to various top-level Danaher teams.

The SEO keyword brainstorming sessions led to over 1,000 keywords from the Danaher teams.

Our solutions

WPIC then performed keyword analysis for search volume, ranking and competing bidders, identifying low-hanging fruit. A finalized keyword list was developed, along with an action plan to sustain and grow for six months. A 12-month closed-loop bowler was created, so results could be measured objectively and ROI calculated.


This ground-up approach to China SEO pinpoints opportunities and builds synergy between departments.

WPIC was also appointed as vendor for 15 of Danaher’s companies for web infrastructure, design and development, eCommerce, PPC, hosting, Tmall management, and custom CDN development.

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