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Guest: Bill Tung

Localizing For Consumers In Japan (Part 2)

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June 29, 2022

Episode Notes

This episode of The Negotiation is part 2 with Bill Tung, Managing Director at Peaks Consulting, continuing our conversation around localizing for consumers in Japan.

We dive into Covid and its effects on D2C, online consumer strategies in APAC vs. North America; how to measure success in retail in APAC; how consumer feedback is gathered and applied; the importance of a good D2C strategy and it’s future in e-commerce in the APAC region.


Topics Discussed and Key Points:

  • Covid and its effects on Direct-to-Consumer.
  • Online consumer strategies in APAC versus in North America.
  • How to measure success in retail.
  • How consumer feedback is applied
  • The importance of a good D-to-C strategy.
  • The future of D-to-C in the APAC region.