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June 22, 2023

Episode Notes

In this episode of The Negotiation podcast, we are joined by John Gearing. John is the founder of JBG Consulting & Advisory and a fashion and sportswear executive with extensive experience in retail since 1996. He guides and optimizes retail businesses in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, providing strategic insights to private enterprises and investors from Bangalore, Hangzhou, and Edinburgh.

In our conversation with John, we gain valuable insights on how to succeed in the APAC region. We discuss the importance of adapting brands to be relevant locally and investing in direct-to-consumer channels. We talk about the Indian market and why it’s significant for businesses to partner with the right people and understand the right model. We also touch on the e-commerce landscape in India and China, and the competitive nature of businesses in those countries. We conclude our discussion by exploring the exciting future of India. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed and Key Points:


●      Challenges and Opportunities in building retail capabilities in Asia
●      Importance of strategic framework and local market control
●      Lessons learned in brand building and market adaptation
●      Wrangler and Li brands’ success in China and Asia
●      The changing market conditions over the past 18 years, starting with Japan’s influence and shifting toward China’s market growth and impact
●      Shift in influence from Japan to South Korea in the fashion industry
●      The rapid changes in logistics infrastructure and technology in the retail industry
●      The challenges and opportunities of expanding businesses into the APAC region
●      Factors to consider when developing a successful expansion strategy in the APAC region
●      The potential of the Indian consumer market
●      The e-commerce landscape in India, including the main platforms, the differences compared to the Chinese market.
●      The competitive nature of business in countries like China and India

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