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Guest: Louis Houdart

From Flower Shops To Chinese Brand Building (Part 1)

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October 5, 2022

Episode Notes

This episode of The Negotiation is part 1 of our discussion with Louis Houdart, Founder of Creative Capital. He is also an entrepreneur, business and investment coach, board member, and advisor to many start-up companies. The Creative Capital China team has worked with European companies in China, as well as pushing little-known Chinese brands out into the Western markets. By establishing pre-eminent international brand awareness and strong brand relationships, Creative Capital is one of the only firms in China that focuses on widening awareness of Chinese companies beyond their home market.

We kick things off by asking Louis to share his story about how he founded Secret Garden, which leads to a broader conversation discussing what Chinese culture means to him. We then discuss how he was able to sell Secret Garden, which led to the opportunity to build a men’s fashion brand called 16N that was later invested by Sequoia Capital, all building the foundation for what is now Creative Capital. Along this conversational journey, we cover the importance of strong concepts, branding excellence within China, and just how important it is to always focus on a brand’s image.

Topics Discussed and Key Points:

  • Secret Garden and how Louis got rid of it.
  • How Creative Capital was founded and what they do.
  • Why Louis found the wedding business to be both amazing and nightmarish.
  • Why Creative Capital was relevant in China.
  • The significance of a brand’s concept strength.
  • The meaning of creativity in China and Europe, as well as the nuances surrounding it.
  • The lazy economy and what it entails.
  • Glamping and the rise of Frisbee.